APD/Selection Application

Based on your academy registration you qualify to apply for APD or Selection.

In addition to the successful registration submission, you must complete the below detailed application by the deadline listed in the e-mail you received. Please download this application.

There will be 14 Explorers selected based on pre-determined criteria to include application completeness. The remaining explorers will fill spots as EAAs or may be required to complete an additional advanced academy. This application process is difficult and is designed to mirror that of an actual police or sheriff’s office application and will be judged as such.

You must complete ALL aspects of the application and follow ALL instructions. Details matter with this type of application process, and we urge you to take your time and read every instruction. One small error in formatting could be the make or break between where you rank on the hiring list. This is a learning opportunity, and your entire application will be reviewed on Day 1 or 2 of academy regardless of where you are placed. It is expected that ALL correspondence is done so professionally.

Please submit the completed application per the instructions within the application. If you have questions, please contact apd@wleea.com for clarification or your advisor.


Academy Police Department Hiring Board